All Home Repairs

For all your major & minor home repairs, call a reliable, trusted, licensed contractor to take care of your home’s handyman projects.  Repairs to drywall, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, door locks, ceiling fans, welding… you name it. From the first call through project completion, Robert will take care of everything.

Drywall Repair

From the smallest dent to a large hole in your drywall, California Handyman can repair drywall holes or damage to your walls. Whether it’s water damage that has created the need to replace or fix the drywall in a your house or damage that was caused by something hitting the wall and creating a hole, you can be confident Robert, a licensed general contractor, will fix it correctly and least noticeable.

Electrical Repairs

Let California Handyman fix any electrical issue in your home. Maybe you have an outlet that’s not working properly or switch that you want to work a different outlet. Perhaps you need a new outlet installed or something re-wired. Just give Robert a call. Call a licensed contractor when it comes to electrical issues so you’ll know the finished work will be done according to building codes and safely.

Hanging Items

Whatever it is you need hung in your house, California Handyman can hang it for you. Robert hangs mirrors on the wall, large pictures that need hanging, TV sets that you want to hang in a corner of a room, etc. He can hang shelving and anything else you want to attach to your wall or ceiling. Trust a licensed contractor to hang these items in your house correctly so that you can be confident they are securely attached to the wall or ceiling and won’t fall off.

Fix Leaks

A leaky faucet, shower head, or a toilet that keep running can be annoying and expensive. If you have any water leak in your house, call Robert to fix it and he can also take care of most any damage that the leak may have caused as well, such as having to replace drywall.

Welding Repairs

California Handyman can fix an iron gate that needs welding and other metal items that you might need fixed but requires welding. Whatever it might be, just give Robert a call or contact him & let him know what it is you need fixed. He’ll be able to provide you with a free quote.

Fix Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan that needs fixing because it is wobbly or is making a noise is extremely common here in Temecula because we all need out ceiling fans here during the summer and it common for ceiling fans to start making noise or become off balanced. Robert installs ceiling fans all the time and has become very good at balancing them or fixing anything that may have happened to yours over time. In addition, if you need a room wired for a new ceiling fan, Robert is licensed to do electrical work as well.

Repair/Replace Lock Sets

If you need door locks fixed or lock sets replaced, call Robert at California Handyman to replace the locks on the door for you.